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    AAbout Us

    We are a small marketing and technology company with a team of dedicated professionals seeking to pursue diverse top tier opportunities.
    Led by partners Josef Bachmeier, Andrei Velicu and former New York State Senator Greg Ball, RTdevs boasts clients and partners across the globe with physical operations in both New York and Austin, Texas.
    Vastly different from your typical marketing or technology company we want to fully understand your business model so we can help you exceed expectations and succeed in the marketplace.
    Our staff are full time, in house employees and we are in business to develop lasting relationships. We are a 24-7 firm, with strong design and development capabilities in house, fully capable of helping you as the business or campaign progresses. Whether that be during the initial concept phase or even assisting in any capital raising phase, we are happy to be your partner. We want to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and partners.
    Frankly, we have a kick ass team that slam dunks projects on the widest range imaginable. Ready to handle any demand big or small, RTdevs breaks away from the conventional cookie cutter approach and focuses on the unique individual needs of each project and/or client (that means you!).
    Serving just a handful of awesome clients that we love, we have both the physical and mental bandwidth to make you our immediate priority.
    Simply put we bend over backwards to add real value - everyday.
    We can make your vision and dream a reality and we will develop a realistic strategy to get you there. We love taking on big challenges and tackling rewarding projects.
    We work 7 days a week and on most holidays because we love what we do.
    Whether you have a small business and need help with search engine optimization or you’re a candidate for the state house, or you have an idea that you think is the next revolution in technology - we are your team!
    Email, text or call us today!

    CContact Info

    Let's talk about Branding, Webdesign, App design, Development, Multiple services

    : 1 917 681 9302
    : Austin, Texas